My name is Joanne Holt and I am located in Winnipeg, Manitoba. I have been a personal trainer through The Manitoba Fitness Council/Can Fit Pro since 2004 where I work with a wide variety of people. One big reason I became a personal trainer was because after years of struggling with chronic pain due to a repetitive strain injury I healed through pilates and resistance training so I wanted to work towards helping others do the same. I suffered from debilitating headaches as well.   In 2015, I became a Certified Block Therapy Instructor. I am also a Nutrition and Wellness coach. In 2016, the journey continued as I certified to teach Plyoga which is combination of Plyometric training and yoga combined into one class.

My services include Personal Training, Partner Training, Personalized Programs, Group Fitness Instructor, Active Older Adult Instructor, Pre and Post Natal Fitness Instructor and more recently a Block Therapy Instructor. As a Block Therapy instructor, I am really taking the body to the next level of healing by working with the connective tissue in YOUR body and teaching YOU how to realign the body so it works better.  I have a huge passion for helping people with pain and working in the connective tissue system of the body using Block Therapy and another product I work with called The Fasciablaster. Both these products provide so much relief of pain and other health issues. So much of the time, the issue is in the tissue. My in-home clients have access to my sauna following workouts to take that healing to a new level by adding the heat.

More recently I have been working with my clients changing their diets to more of a Paleo or Autoimmune Paleo approach to help them heal from pain along with Block Therapy work and I must say the results have been outstanding. We make small changes slowly and take away, gluten, dairy, sugar to remove the inflammation and add Block Therapy work to bring in so much more oxygen and blood flow. The results are speaking very loudly for themselves.

I strongly believe that fitness is so much more about how many hours are spent in the gym. When my clients work with me, they feel safe and see that my passion to help people is very, very real. My goal is to make sure you reach your goals and with my experience and knowledge we will get there.  We will figure out together what works for you and when we do that, you will reach your goals much quicker. Nothing makes me happier than having clients succeed and I work with you to achieve this. When my clients add Block Therapy to their regime the success comes much, much faster. We find out so much about our bodies and their restrictions and work through them together and start to feel amazing. After years of feeling not so well, I am feeling AMAZING and just want to share this feeling with my clients, friends and family. You can do this!

Some of the areas I specialize in are:

– Weight Loss – Holistic Nutrition, Paleo and Autoimmune Paleo eating programs
– Circuit Training
– TRX Training
– Body Building
– Pre and Post Natal Fitness
– Rehab
– Special Needs Training – fibromyalgia, thyroid issues, autoimmune disease protocols
– Breathing issues (anxiety and depression)

Let’s begin with a FREE 15 minute phone consultation to set some goals. I look forward to hearing from you. My mission is to treat every client as a unique individual. I am not successful unless you are successful. Let’s do this!!

Contact me for information about my “Get Started Package”.