Host a Block Party

block_therapy_pic2A Block Party in Your Home!

It’s not a ‘party’ – it’s a PRIVATE BLOCK THERAPY CLASS in your home for you and up to 7 more of your friends!

I won’t make you do crazy poses, but will provide private instruction in Block Therapy to you and your group.

I am a Certified Block Therapy Instructor and I will come to your home to teach a 1.5 hour private group class for 2-8 people for a total cost of $200.

You’ll need a warm and comfortable area in your home that’s large enough to accommodate everyone on yoga mats – including the Instructor.

Everyone is required to have a Block Buddy. We highly recommend that everyone also has the Block Therapy Intro Video Series so they can continue this work on their own at home. The more you practice Block Therapy, the more you will benefit.

*Arrangements for products delivery can be made with me at the time of booking your party.

You can book as many Block Parties as you want!

Classes for the Block Party include your choice of:

(It is highly recommended that you always start with a core class)

Core –Release compressed tissue in the belly and rib cage, granting deeper access to the diaphragm muscle. This work benefits all the systems in the body because better functioning of the diaphragm dramatically increases oxygenation to the cells and the abdominal organs. Heart and lungs receive improved blood and energy flow, allowing the body to function more efficiently as a whole. Note: It is highly recommended that students take the core class before beginning any other classes.

Pelvis & Legs –Melt compressed tissue in the pelvis and legs. Improve circulation to the organs of reproduction and elimination, legs and feet. Benefits muscle function as well as improves the appearance of tissue.

Head, Neck and Arms – Melt compressed tissue in the upper body, arms, neck and face. This improves muscle function, tissue appearance and realigns the head, taking off pressure from the upper back and neck. Increased circulation benefits all the structures in the area, including the brain, hair, eyes and thyroid gland and provides an improvement in the quality and appearance of the skin.

Cost: $120.00

*Everyone must have a Block Buddy & Yoga mat.

To book a Block Party contact:

Phone: (204) 227-8654