During 2016, I was able to get out and teach this fabulous Block Therapy program daily and sometimes multiple classes a day. I went to areas such as Pinawa, Lac Du Bonnet, Seven Sisters, Lockport, Ile Des Chenes, Ste. Adolphe and areas in the USA and Mexico along with my home city of Winnipeg. I now am happy to say that I have taught over 700 people Block Therapy. As we grow, we are always looking for new instructors because “everybody needs to breathe properly”. It has been one incredible year and I am so grateful and happy for 2017. I now have 15 different places to teach Block Therapy and new ones coming on board weekly. Getting into the corporate world has been wonderful to provide Block Therapy to stressed out staff of schools, banks, hospitals etc and those block parties have been so much fun. Happy Holidays to all and hope to see you in 2017 where I will be having Melt Method/Block Therapy workshops along with some Yoga/Block Therapy combined workshops as well.