Block Therapy helps reduce chronic pain

Block Therapy helps reduce chronic pain

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Block Therapy helps reduce chronic pain

Owner of JMH Wellness, Joanne Holt has turned her passion for total body health and wellness into a business that helps others improve their own overall health and wellbeing. Her motivation is fueled not just by how she feels, but by the changes she continually sees in her clients. Using the knowledge that she has gained from her lifelong passion for healthy living, Joanne teaches others how to live a healthier, happier life.

Joanne Holt has always been passionate about health and wellness. In 2003, after she was forced to change careers due to a chronic repetitive injury, she became a personal trainer and health and wellness coach. Joanne used her knowledge and passion to heal the chronic pain she was having. She then turned that same passion into a career that helps others. Through her guidance and support, Joanne has helped her clients gain optimal health by losing weight, eating a healthier, more balanced diet, developing effective exercise plans and using natural and alternative methods to manage chronic pain and illness. Her focus is on total body wellness, not just exercise and diet. Joanne works individually with people to help them develop healthier lifestyles.

In 2014, Joanne added a new level of therapy and training to her curriculum when she become a certified Block Therapy Instructor. She decided to become an instructor after taking a class and finding out first hand how Block Therapy benefits people. Joanne teaches block therapy classes to individuals and groups weekly.

Through fluid isometrics, Block Therapy, helps individuals improve oxygen flow to the tissues by working on removing the restrictions within the fascia our bodies. Over time, tissues atrophy and lose their fluid movements. Poor oxygen intake, injuries, age and environmental conditions all play roles in the body’s deterioration.

With the use of a block buddy, a wooden block that is form fitted to fit into the contours of the body, individuals can place the block in 1 of 47 positions and use their body’s own weight to bear down on the block. By holding each position in place for a minimum of 3 minutes, the block breaks through the constrictive fascia, freeing the body of the restrictions that reduce oxygen flow and self healing.

Block Therapy also teaches people how to breathe properly through their diaphragms to improve oxygen flow to the cells and tissues within the body.

There are many benefits to block therapy including reduction in pain, anti-aging from improved oxygen flow, weight loss, pain management, improved blood flow and lymphatic drainage, increase in emotional wellbeing and energy levels and improved flexibility, strength and endurance.

Joanne is passionate about living the healthiest, most optimal life. She is happy to share her knowledge with others. Anyone interested in learning more about improving their own health and wellness can contact Joanne through her website: