Spring 2017

Coming soon, I will be teaching 3 classes at week for The City of Winnipeg through our Leisure Guide. These Block Therapy classes are so inexpensive and so important for the body to really get your alignment and breathing back like when you were a baby.  Blocks are supplied for all classes.  See leisureonline.com.  Registration begins March 15th.

in 2017, I continue to travel regularly teaching this wonderful work all over Manitoba and enjoying this thoroughly. If you have a group interested in my classes, please let me know.

I have also connected with a fabulous yoga/Melt Method instructor and we are doing some workshops together as well as a holistic nutritionist where we will be doing some Paleo type cooking then getting on the blocks for some relaxation.  Because we are what we eat.

On the personal training side, my clients continue to see great improvements since adding fascia work to their regime. I am so proud of people being able to stick with it as most of my clients have chronic, daily pain due to fibromyalgia/RA or other autoimmune disease.  This poses quite a challenge because we want move but are so exhausted and it is a viscous pain, fear cycle. We get through it by connecting into the breathing, getting on our blocks and just learning so much about our own cause sites.

And finally if you are the type of person that is very busy or just not wanting group classes, I will see you privately to work on what you need whether it be Block Therapy, sauna therapy, personal training, nutrition consulting, and cooking prep classes.